Ringhorns Nitro Heavy Bag - Black

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Ringhorns Nitro Punching Bag: Level Up!

Ringhorns Nitro Punching Bag: Level Up!

The Ringhorns Nitro Heavy Punch Bag will allow you to improve at full speed. Repeat your sequences, refine your technique and develop your explosivity and endurance day after day! Work hard: you will succeed. That's it. 

Technical Features

  • Premium PU : sharp design and maximum durability.
  • Available in three sizes (130cm-35kg, 150cm-40kg, 170cm-50kg).
  • 35cm diameter.
  • Delivered with its 50cm nylon straps
  • Shipped full.
  • Filling : Filled
  • Brand : Ringhorns
  • SKU : RH-00024-001
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