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Protect your hands with our Venum boxing gloves and win all your fights ! You will find here a large range of boxing glove made by Venum for competition and training, in a number of sizes (from 8 Oz to 16 Oz), colours (black, yellow, white, blue) and designs. We provide high quality boxing gloves, fighting gloves, training gloves, sparring gloves and heavy bag gloves for men, women and kids.

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  1. Venum Skull Boxing gloves - Black
    Venum Skull Boxing gloves - Black
    US$ 89.99
  2. Venum GLDTR 4.0 Boxing gloves
    Venum GLDTR 4.0 Boxing gloves
    US$ 94.99
  3. Venum Legacy Boxing Gloves
    Venum Legacy Boxing Gloves
    US$ 79.99
    Venum Elite Boxing Gloves - Pink
    Venum Elite Boxing Gloves - Pink
    US$ 79.99
    Venum Elite Boxing Gloves - with Laces - Black/White

Little history of the boxing glove...

Boxing gloves have existed since the birth of this fighting sport about three thousand years ago. From what history has taught us, the Greeks used leather bands to protect their hands from ancient times.

Several thousand years later, around the year 30 B.C., the Romans began to reuse the Greek "gloves" by completely changing their shape to add spikes and metal plates.

Padded boxing gloves as we know them today were obviously invented by Jack Broughton, an English boxer turned heavyweight champion in England in 1736 after his victory over George Taylor. The latter became mandatory during the fighting only several decades later, in 1866.

The technical characteristics of boxing gloves

A boxing glove is defined by its weight, which is expressed in ounces and whose abbreviation is oz. An ounce (unit of mass used in the Anglo-Saxon countries) is equal to just over 28.3 grams. The more heavy a boxing glove, the more padded it is. Here is a summary table of the weight of boxing gloves (works for heavy bag gloves), from 6 oz to 18 oz:

Weight of gloves

Equivalent in Grams

6 oz

170 grams

8 oz

226,8 grams

10 oz

283,5 grams

12 oz

340,2 grams

14 oz

396,9 grams

16 oz

453,6 grams

18 oz

510,3 grams

What size of boxing glove to choose?

Choosing a boxing glove at the right size is not easy. Generally, the boxer is based on his morphology and weight. A small template will focus more on gloves of 8 to 10 oz while a large template will leave more on 14 or even 16 oz.

However, depending on the training, it is possible to use heavier gloves and therefore more padded for heavy sparring, for example. To give you an idea, here is a table summarizing the weight of the boxing gloves according to yours:

Weight of gloves

Your Weight

6 oz

< 100 lbs

8 oz

112 to 139 lbs

10 oz

141 to 163 lbs

12 oz

165 to 176 lbs

14 oz

178 to 198 lbs

16 to 18 oz

> 200 lbs

Why buy Venum Boxing Gloves and sparring Gloves?

On Venum's official website, you'll find more than twenty pairs of boxing gloves of all sizes (4 oz, 6 oz, 8 oz, 10 oz, 12 oz, 14 oz, 16 oz) and in many duets of various colors (red / black, white / black, yellow / black, blue, gray, orange, brown, gold, silver ...). Fighting gloves for children are also available in our online catalog in three sizes: S (Small), M (Medium) and L (Large).

Most boxing gloves manufactured by Venum are used for training (punch bags, focus mitts, kick pads / kick shields, etc.) as well as for sparring or competition and are mixed (men and women). On most models available on the store, you will find the following features:

  • Manufacturing expertise made in Thailand
  • Reinforced seams ensure excellent durability
  • Triple density foam to absorb shocks to a maximum
  • Reinforcement at the palm level to improve comfort
  • Secure thumb attachment to prevent sprains and injuries
  • Velcro closure and a long cuff to keep hands as good as possible
  • Venum logo

On the price side, Venum boxing gloves are very affordable and start at around 30 dollars for models reserved for juniors. The prices can reach more than 150 dollars for our high-end limited edition gloves, for example.