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Giant 2.0

Hammer Pro Boxing

Hammer - The KO artist


Designed for maximum knockout power, the Hammer boxing gloves have all the characteristics required inflict pain. The Venum Hammer glove has an ultra high density outer layer that offers an external stiffness never before achieved on a boxing glove. This gives the gloves exceptional impact capacity. The Argentinian Nappa leather used has undergone a special treatment to stiffen it and make it more rigid. The addition of a highly absorbent inner layer guarantees greater protection of the metacarpals while providing a surprising level of comfort for a glove of this type.

Following Vasyl Lomachenko's recommendations, the development team also optimized the shape of the glove and its grip, as hand positioning is essential to avoid injury. With the Hammer gloves, the boxer's hand is closed naturally. Closing your fist is practically effortless!

Shield Pro Boxing Gloves

Shield - The bodyguard


The Shield glove offers a split-personality. Its construction with thick and absorbent foam layering gives it a high level of protection in the 16oz and 18oz sizes. On the other hand, the 8oz and the 10oz (often the weight in professional bouts) are a formidable tool for the athlete. In this “light weight” configuration, the layers of low density foam hardly filter each impact.

Its specially treated Argentinian Nappa leather is ultra flexible. The objective here is to strengthen the second skin effect felt when you put on the Shield. 

Almost all Venum fighters have adopted it in 16 and 18oz versions for sparring.

IBO world champion "Tugstsogt" Nyambayar uses it to fight.

Giant 2.0 Pro Boxing

Giant 2.0 - The all-terrain glove


This glove is the perfect balance between protection, comfort and impact. Its curved shape instinctively positions the hand to be ideally placed for hitting hard, with no effort required. The thumb and wrist are both reinforced for improved support and protection.

The combination of two layers of foam with the rubber sheet distributes the shock waves in a balanced and effective way. The main effect of the outer layers of the glove is to solidify the collision so that each blow is impactful. The combination of these attributes makes wearing the gloves feel natural feeling, but providing that fine balance between impact and protection.

The Giant Giant 2.0 ProBoxing was developed for and alongside Jorge Linares, former WBA, WBC World Champion and holder of the Ring Magazine belt. The Giant 2.0 was inducted into the legendary fight between "El Nino de Oro" and the Ukrainian legend Vasyl "High Tech" Lomachenko.